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Explanation Terms

Below you will find the explanation terms related to your movies
  1. TVRIP :

    Rip from a digital TV channel .

    DVDRIP :

    Encoding made а from a commercial DVD . The quality is close to that of a DVD, this is the best quality / size ratio . These are releases that are commonly called " divx" . This is the default quality , it represents about 90% of releases available.

    BDRIP :

    Encoding made а from a Blu- Ray trade. Same remarks as for the DVDRIP .

    DVDSCR :

    Encoding made а from a promotional DVD . The picture quality is good , close DVDRIP . However, a warning (do not copy , copyright ...) and a counter can be embedded in the video , the sound quality is variable , very average а very good. As the promo DVD is available in English ( for films shot in English , of course) , the French band 's from another source , CAM or TS in general.

    PPVRIP :

    Pay Per View. Same quality as a DVDSCR .

    R5 :

    DVDSCR whose encoding was done from a DVD а zone 5 (Russia) or zone 3 (Asia) . Same remarks as for DVDSCR .

    TS :

    Recorded in a cinema а using a camcorder. In this case , the sound is better, usually recorded from a headphone jack for hearing . Sometimes a tripod is used ( TeleSync ) .

    CAM :

    Recorded in a cinema а using a camcorder. Poor quality sound and picture , sound public camera motions .... CAM stands for Camcorder , American word which is itself short for camera recorder .

    WEBRiP :

    Digital rip that is captured from a stream on the net , usually from a VOD offering, or PODCAST . The quality of these releases is very diverse , ranging from the poor to the HD , it all depends on the quality of the original stream

    DVD-R :

    Rip , full or not, the files on a commercial DVD . The files are not encoded DVDRIP is DVD quality . Size 4.5 GB for single-layer DVD а 9GB for dual-layer DVD .

    720p :

    High definition video encoded and scraped from a Blu - Ray or HD -DVD . The encoding is done in "HD Ready" , that is а say with a resolution of 1280Ч720 . Also found in this series of quality HDTVRip U.S. . 720p , a film generally weighs 4.5 GB, an episode of 40 minutes 1.1 GB Generally, the sound is 5.1. These videos are not avi . But . Mkv .

    1080p :

    High definition video encoded and scraped from a Blu - Ray or HD -DVD . The encoding is done in "Full HD" , that is а say with a resolution of 1920Ч1080 . This is the best image quality ( and its , usually 5.1) available today. 1080p , a film usually weighs 10GB see . These videos are not avi . But . Mkv .


    Francophone version of France .

    VFQ :

    Francophone Quebec version .

    VFI :

    International Francophone version , considering it is VFF .

    AC3 :

    Format Dolby Digital ( 5.1 channels or 2 channels) .

    MD :

    Dubbed Micro is a sound that was picked а using a microphone in a movie theater , an MD can be a good or very bad depending on team.

    LD :

    Line Dubbed (direct sound ), near a DVDRiP audio quality .

    VOSTFR :

    Original version in French Sub- Titled .

    XviD/DviX :

    These two formats are format video compression / decompression for obtaining compressed video with few large loss of very reasonable quality. Thus the format that can store a complete movie on a CD- ROM or 700 MB


    The subtitles are in French inscrustés in the video for the passages in a foreign language .

    PROPER :

    Tag indicating that there was an improvement over a previous version а another team.

    REPACK :

    Reworked а PROPER similar except that in this case, the team repaired his own mistakes .

    STV :

    Straight To Video, DTH dvd without going to the cinema.

    LiMiTED :

    A LiMiTED movie means it is released in a limited number of theaters (often less than 250 theaters ) .

    iNTERNAL :

    This tag indicates that the release was made only for a small group of people. It should not end up on P2P networks.


    This term means that the film is not censored . The passages " UNRATED " are usually in English and French subtitles are available.

    VO :

    Original Version .

    VF :

    French version .

    VOST :

    Original version Sub- Titled ( in the same language as the audio .)

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